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Over the past 50 years, we have trained journalists, social activists, programme-makers, media and communications professionals from all over the world in achieving social change through media.

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50+ years and 6000+ alumni

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The RNTC Media Training Centre provides career-boosting courses and tailor-made trainings for media and communications professionals, media organisations and non-profit organisations worldwide. 

Producing Media to Counter Disinformation

Fake news, misinformation, polarization, propaganda and shrinking spaces- modern journalism is under threat. Our biggest most trusted tool “facts” seem to be failing. When facts and fact checking alone are not enough what else can be done to turn the tide? As targets of state-sponsored or hate-group online trolling, journalists and civil society actors face intimidation and lack the proper tools, knowledge, or support mechanisms that can help them fight back. This 3-week course looks at the information crisis and provides practical tools to combat disinformation, build counter-narratives, utilise fact-checking tools, and increase outreach in local media. Combining state of the art techniques on media literacy, alternate messaging and campaigning, we explore what can be done to fight back.
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RNTC Media Training Centre trains journalists, social activists, programme-makers, media and communications professionals worldwide in achieving social change through media.


Next to our open courses, we also provide tailor-made trainings for individuals and organisations. RNTC prides itself on being innovative in both subject matter and method of delivery.

50+ years, 6000+ students

RNTC is the internationally renowned training centre of RNW Media. Over the past 50 years, RNTC has gained invaluable expertise in delivering courses to media professionals around the world.

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