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We train professionals, partners and organisations in developing media with a lasting impact. RNTC prides itself on being innovative in both subject matter and method of delivery. The unique needs of your organisation can be fully addressed by a hands-on RNTC course with our professional media trainers. We also deliver on-site training courses. We offer customised courses or other customised trainings, spanning anywhere between one to three weeks, in a variety of media disciplines. Our courses are delivered in English, and can be adapted to Dutch, French, Spanish, or Arabic on request.

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Navigating through Elections

Navigating through Elections

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With your support, we can offer tools, strategies, and resources to relevant civic and media organisations (as well as embassy staff) to ensure they can significantly contribute to promoting transparency, inclusivity, and civic engagement of young people during the electoral process. Given the pivotal role that elections play in shaping our future, we believe that providing a two-day workshop to civic and media organisations, selected by the Netherland Embassy (EKN), will yield impactful results. 

Day 1: Brace yourself as we confront the daunting challenge of dis-, mis-, and malinformation. Representatives of the civic and media organisations will learn to distinguish between these deceptive tactics and uncover real-world examples that have shaped elections and political campaigns. They will delve into the arsenal of verification methods, equipping them with the tools needed to discern fact from fiction. Understand why verification is paramount in the fight against disinformation and discover how AI is revolutionizing online information verification.

Day 2: We dive deep into the real-life context through engaging case studies tailored to your interests. Representatives of the civic and media organisations will explore the intricate dynamics of disinformation within specific themes, gaining invaluable insights into its impact on elections and society at large. They will unravel the logic behind narratives and propaganda as we dissect how misinformation is created. Understand the pivotal role of journalism and media in debunking falsehoods and fostering informed citizenry and explore the power of counter- and alternative narratives in combating disinformation. They will discover the key to crafting persuasive content online and learn how to create compelling narratives that challenge false ones.


Our programme areas 

Our work in media development aims to promote freedom of expression and freedom in press. It is linked to our training of journalists, support of journalist networks, engagement with broadcast managers and global co-operation in media development. 

Media for Development  
Media for development is related to our work in the civil society space. Our trainings relating to advocacy and constructive media content creation can be adapted to target a broad spectrum of social development issues. 

Research and development  
Research is foundational to our curriculum design. Also being part of RNW Media, we make use of the learnings in RNW Media having built and developed 20 digital communities across the world.

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Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development
BBC Media Action

Broadcasting Board of Governors/International Broadcasting Bureau/Voice of America
Fairtrade International
Free Press Unlimited
Free Voice South Sudan
Hague Academy of Local Governance
International Criminal Court
Iraqi Al-Amal Association
Jimma University

Lebanon Development Union
National Television Company of Ukraine
Radio Nepal
RTB Brunei
Rutgers WPF
Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation
SAPPRFT Research Training Institute
Search for Common Ground
Uganda Radio Network
University of Colombo
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Expertise - With more than 50 years of experience, RNTC is an expert in delivering certified media training across the globe.
Innovative and inclusive - RNTC works at the intersection of academic research, traditional and digital media, civil society and advocacy. 
Partner network - RNW Media works with a partner network across the Global South of young media-makers who build digital communities for social change. 
Global network - RNW Media has an established network of partnerships including (I)NGOs, institutional donors and foundations and over 6,000 certified RNTC alumni worldwide.

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