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We opened the window for the MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP). We welcome media-makers from the following countries to register below and start their application: 

Algeria  Egypt  Iran  Iraq  Jordan  Lebanon  Libya  Morocco  Tunisia  Syria* 

*Please note that MSP is only open to applicants of Syrian nationality who are residing and working in one of the selected MENA countries.

Click here for more information on how to apply.

We also welcome registrations for the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP). Please note: Delta application window opens early October 2021.

Bangladesh • Benin • Burkina Faso • Burundi • Colombia • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) • Egypt • Ethiopia • Ghana • Guatemala • Guinea • Iraq • Jordan • Kenya • Lebanon • Liberia • Mali • Mozambique • Myanmar • Niger • Nigeria • Palestinian Territories • Rwanda • Senegal • Sierra Leone • Somalia • South Africa • South Sudan • Sudan • Suriname • Tanzania • Tunisia Uganda • Vietnam • Yemen • Zambia

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Start in time with your registration

To apply for a Nuffic scholarship consists of two phases.
Phase 1: register below 
Phase 2: start your application in Delta

Apply now for a Nuffic scholarship

and join us in March-July 2022 for an in-person RNTC course in the Netherlands!

Closing date to apply:
MENA Program: 8 October 2021
OKP Program: 26 October 2021


Courses on offer

Digital Media to Counter Disinformation - starts 13 June 2022
This course provides practical tools to combat disinformation, and increase outreach in media.

Media Campaigns for Social Change starts 7 March 2022

This course demonstrates how to develop traditional and online campaigns that inspire change

Digital Media to counter Hate speech - starts 13 June 2022
This course provides all the tools you need to counter hate speech and polarisation online by developing alternate narratives.

Media Campaigns for Advocacy - starts 7 March 2022

This course trains you to build campaigns that leverage the media and amplify advocacy efforts.

Digital Media Creation - starts 13 June 2022
This intensive course will help you develop engaging multimedia content for broadcast and the web.

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We have listed frequently asked questions about our Nuffic scholarship programmes and how to apply in our Scholarships FAQ.

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