Award-winning trainers

Award-winning trainers

RNTC’s trainers pool includes inspiring, seasoned international journalists with experience in many types of new media on different platforms. They have worked with renowned media organisations like the BBC, CBC, MTV and RNW Media (formerly Radio Netherlands Worldwide). 

Shaun Matsheza

Shaun Matsheza is a communication specialist from Zimbabwe, with extensive experience as a content strategist, editor and producer at RNW Media's Africa department. Shaun is a political writer, cultural critic and multimedia producer. He coordinates the Digital Content Creative Course at RNTC, amongst other activities. 

Shaun's passion lies in the link between storytelling and people's perceived ability to effect change in their societies. A lifelong learner and ardent believer in freedom of expression, he strongly subscribes to the creed that: "When people tell their own stories, they become protagonists, people who make things happen." 

Shaun holds an MA degree (cum laude) in Media Culture from Maastricht University.

Peter Schrurs

Peter Schrurs is course coordinator of RNTC’s Broadcast Management courses. He is highly experienced in both managing and training in the media sector, having spent 11 years as managing director of the respected Dutch broadcaster VPRO.

Peter worked as a lecturer at the Academy for Education and Labour and Utrecht School of Journalism, which is the oldest educational institution for journalists in Europe. In 1990, he became director of the School of Journalism. Eight years later, he switched to Dutch broadcaster VPRO, where he worked until he was asked to join the team of trainers at the RNTC.

Peter is a member of the Board of Governors of RTV Utrecht, a Dutch regional public broadcaster. He is a strong advocate of the RNTC’s learning-by-doing method. He keeps course participants so focused on their assignments that they regularly ‘forget’ that they are learning. Asked what the biggest challenge in journalism management is, he points out that “Like all creative people, journalists are among the most difficult to manage.”