AI Ethics: Creating Ecosystems of Responsibility

This masterclass is designed to discuss and create a shared understanding of the critical intersection of ethics and artificial intelligence, offering insights into the key ethical concepts essential for the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

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Participants will discuss the Civil Society Manifesto on Ethical AI from Forus as an example of ethical frameworks, to tackle the real-life ethical dilemmas AI presents. We will learn to navigate the ethical and moral complexities of using AI through analytical tools and concepts, both at an individual and organizational level, ensuring that technology advancements are aligned with the principles of human rights and societal good.  

Key elements of the session: 

  • Foundational concepts in ethics and their application to AI  

  • Cast studies using ethical principles: legitimacy, transparency, algorithmic discrimination and distributive justice  

  • Opportunities and challenges to use AI ethically 

  • Shared resources and open libraries 

This masterclass is part of our series of five online masterclasses of 2 hours that offers intuitive access to the world of AI. If you want to attend all five sessions in the series, now with an additional great discount, you can register for the whole series here

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