AI & Communication: Cultivating a Human & Hope-Based Aproach

In this session, we focus on integrating a human-based approach to AI in communication, exploring core values for alignment and accountability through the do-say-mean-show framework.

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In the session, we will navigate the capabilities and limitations of AI, highlighting its optimal uses and areas of caution, particularly for engaging donors and stakeholders effectively. We will learn how to conduct low-investment campaigning using AI tools. We'll delve into the EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) approach to AI, and utilize AI for impactful content creation.  

Key elements of the session:

  • Core values and alignment framework for AI 

  • Streamlining communication processes 

  • EDI approach to communication with AI 

  • AI content creation tools and tips 

This masterclass is part of our series of five online masterclasses of 2 hours that offers intuitive access to the world of AI. If you want to attend all five in the series, now with an additional great discount, you can register for the whole series here

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