Reach your Audience with Storytelling

Reach your Audience with Storytelling

Reach your Audience with Storytelling

Tell stories that stick and persuade

About this course

Effective storytelling involves a deep understanding of human emotions, motivations, and psychology in order to truly move an audience. Combining the fundamental building blocks of the RNTC approach, the “Reach your Audience with Storytelling” course will give you the techniques needed, to move you from good storytelling to great storytelling.

RNTC believes that information is not enough to change an audience’s beliefs or behaviours. Information is quickly forgotten if it isn’t presented in a way we can remember it, and we have all experienced confusion when trying to understand a new idea. Stories provide a way around that.

This 4-day combination of modules will give you the skills to create strong narratives, find the right media formats to convey them, and capture your audiences. You will practice identifying and mapping target audiences and persuading them. You will feel up to speed with the latest insights into modern-day journalism. You will put the theory into practice with real examples and try the techniques out for yourself.

    Course details

    This is a 4-day course.

    This course takes place online. 

    Academic year 2020-2021
    Course fee: € 3450,-


      • You will learn how to map audience beliefs and emotional pay-offs in order to understand their psychological drivers.
      • By the end of the course, you will understand how humans learn and be able to identify the emotional payoffs of any target audiences, which will help you to find and capture your audiences.
      • This course helps you master the techniques of narrative journalism, and gives you the tools to produce stories that have major and measurable impact.
      • You will learn by doing, trying out various media formats and combining them to produce stories which will engage your audiences much more personally.
      Reach your Audience with Storytelling
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      Journalists, media makers, campaigners

      This course is for journalists, media makers, and campaigners as well as advertisers and marketers who want to learn the techniques of storytelling, identifying and mapping audiences, persuasion, and to master creative media formats. All communication professionals in government, civil society and media are eligible to participate in this course.

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      Find, capture, and engage your audience

      This course teaches you how find, capture, and engage your audience to tell powerful stories in ways that stick. It will teach you about narratives and learning and why these are essential concepts to persuade any audience. The course will enable you to understand the emotional payoffs you can offer target audiences. It will give you dozens of formats and subtypes of formats which can be combined in a multitude of creative ways to get your stories across.


      Seasoned international journalists

      RNTC’s pool of trainers includes inspiring, seasoned international journalists with experience in many types of new media on different platforms. They have worked with renowned media organisations like the BBC, CBC, MTV, and RNW Media (formerly Radio Netherlands Worldwide). Using their expertise, they will teach you all aspects of narrative storytelling, formats, identifying audiences, and persuasion.

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      Persuade any audience

      After this course, you will be able to persuade any audience, having understood the emotional payoffs of target audiences. The approach will get you thinking about what your audience believes and why they believe what they do, to effectively understand how to communicate with them.


      Narrative journalism

      By the end of the course, you will have mastered the techniques of narrative journalism and mapping audiences. From now on, you have the tools to produce stories which will have a major and measurable impact on the people you want to reach.

      Social Media

      Powerful stories

      You will learn by doing, for example, trying out various media formats and combining them to produce stories in ways you never thought possible. Your stories will include all the elements powerful stories should have, and touch the right emotions in the right people – your micro-target audiences. In this hands-on approach, you will be given both theoretical and practical assignments in all aspects of narrative storytelling, formats, identifying audiences, and persuasion. 

      This course adds new skills and insights to the talent and experience you already have. You will improve your narrative skills, and practice how to better engage with your audience. You will master social media tactics to get to know who you are talking to, but also discover how to create a variety of unique media formats. RNTC teaches you the theory and gives you the practice you need. You will create unique new ways to address and engage audiences, so that from now on your reports have maximum impact. Whatever you decide, following the 4-day course will change the way you work.

      This 4-day online course consists of several small interactive group sessions and workshops to ensure that you learn by doing. It includes:

      Know your target audience module:

      • Where do ideas come from?
      • How to zero in on an audience
      • Mapping your target audience
      • Influencers, agreed realities, and emotional payoffs
      • Using mapping to discover target audiences
      • Using social media for insights
      • Developing target audience statements
      • Pitching target audiences

      Persuade your target audience module:

      • What is learning and why this is important to understanding audiences?
      • How do people learn? Information, skills, and behaviours
      • The ingredients of persuasive aims
      • Why you need different credible sources
      • Why you should craft emotional appeals
      • The benefits of formulating a logical approach
      • Investigating examples – persuading target audiences
      • Applying persuasion to your own context

      Storytelling for media professionals module:

      • Narrative journalism versus information journalism
      • The eight essential elements of story
      • Symbols and universal truths
      • Studying real examples illustrating the eight essential elements of story
      • Story detective sessions: develop your own story
      • The micro story: story in a tweet

      Creative formats to engage audiences module:

      • How do we tell stories using media?
      • Ten engaging formats and what makes them unique
      • Which formats are good for conveying information versus conveying emotions?
      • Types of formats and the ideas box
      • Combining Ideas creatively
      • Investigating formats: interviewing
      • Investigating formats: the discussion
      • Practice: engaging audiences with the discussion format

      This course includes a continuing professional development component. All participants have one personal consultation during the course, one job-specific assignment to carry out after the course, and one feedback session about the assignment. More feedback sessions can be arranged with the trainer on request.

      You are a journalist, media maker, campaigner, advertiser, or marketer with at least one year’s relevant experience.

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