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Here are some recent testimonials.


Abayomi Adisa

Programmes Producer

“RNTC has opened me up to a whole new world of journalism. Their teaching techniques are amazing; what a pool of trainers! Prior to this course, I thought there was nothing more to learn about TV/radio productions and content generation than what I already picked up in journalism school in Nigeria and my eight years of practice. As the course progressed, I was shocked by the huge knowledge-gap that's there to be filled. All the topics I explored here, I could not have not IMAGINED before coming here. They were quite revealing.”

Abayomi Adisa (Nigeria), participated in Broadcast Journalism Module II Multimedia Journalism (2015)

Mogga Anthony

Editor at Share Media

“I am an editor for the multimedia platform in my organization, so I will be applying the skills on a daily basis. Besides, I also work in collaboration with 47 local community-based FM stations in my country by offering basic training on journalism. With this new knowledge, I will be able to offer better support to the staffs of the local radio stations.”
Mogga Anthony (South Sudan), participated in Broadcast Journalism / Multimedia Journalism (2015)

Zandro Sison

Special assistant and Senior Technical Advisor of the Minister of Information

“At RNTC, I learnt how to focus our limited resources on strategies to impact and engage specific target audiences. The mapping and social media sessions I participated in will allow me to deliver targeted reintegration government campaigns in the strongholds of communist and secessionist armed groups. We want to encourage and persuade them to choose integration over radicalisation. Rather than demonizing them, I now have a framework to highlight the positive stories of the alternatives to extremism.”

Zandro Sison (Philippines), participated in Producing Media to Counter Radicalisation (2016)

Maria Ramon Sanchez

Online community manager

“The course exceeded my expectations, I never imagined that I would have the best professors of the world. The contents were very useful and there was a lot of practice.”

Maria del Carmen Ramon Sanchez (Cuba), participated in Online Journalism (2015)

Anand Kumar Patel

Special Correspondent News Broadcast Channel-NDTV

“India is facing the huge problem of youths joining radical organisations. I will apply what I learnt at RNTC to stories about Hindu, Sikh and Muslim communities, stories about restless and radicalised youths. They will show that radicalisation is not the way forward, and persuade them to believe in the process of democracy. During the RNTC course, I learnt how to effectively discredit radicalisation and provide alternative narratives.”

Anand Kumar Patel (India), participated in Producing Media to Counter Radicalisation (2016)

Sanjay Singh

Freelance Creative Director and Campaigner

“The Media Campaign course was fantastic. Even though I have more than 20 years of experience in the TV industry, I learnt how to tell my stories better using RNTC designed techniques. If you have a powerful story in your media campaign, the impact is really measurable.”

Sanjay Singh (India), participated in Media Campaigns (2015)

Deborah Maillard

Media specialist, actress and programme maker

“What I learnt in the counter-radicalisation course will enable me to develop storylines in a major TV production to convince Caribbean and global audiences of the threat posed by radicalisation in the Caribbean. The teachings of this course will allow me to tell two persuasive stories in an international drama format this year. I will also develop a reality series helping parents with children who have been radicalised or are in danger of being radicalised.”

Deborah Maillard (Trinidad & Tobago), participated in Producing Media to Counter Radicalisation (2016)

Kuenzang Choden

English Producer and Presenter at Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation

“The course was exceptionally good for somebody like me who is quite new to this journalistic field, and it turned out to be more than I actually expected. I have all the necessary materials from the course, something that I can apply back home.”

Kuenzang Choden (Bhutan), participated in Factual Programme-making (2015)

Reykia Fick

Media Relations Manager at Fairtrade International

“This training has enabled me to identify my audiences more precisely, to understand how to analyse what they're thinking and feeling. And how to find stories that will target them in a much more personal way. I believe that I will be able to reach my target audiences much more powerfully with stories that will make them think, and maybe even change their minds and behavior.”

Reykia Fick, participated in Using Media for Development / Producing Media to Counter Radicalisation (2016)