Tailor-Made Training

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Tailor-Made Training

‘The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you’ – B.B King

The unique needs of your organisation can be fully addressed by a hands-on RNTC course with our professional media trainers.

At RNTC we have over four decades of experience, delivering on-site training courses that are tailor-made to meet the needs of NGOs, media organisations and other environments. We offer long and short courses in a variety of media disciplines, spanning anywhere between one to three weeks.

Why Should I get a Tailor-Made Course?

Whether your company has specific needs and goals in mind, you’re looking to upskill your work force, or you simply can’t find an existing course available, there are several reasons why a tailor-made course might be for you:


  • On-site training is cheaper per participant than regular RNTC courses, particularly if there are more than 6 participants.
  • Our course designers ensure that the material is comprehensive and can be delivered anywhere in the world.
  • The course is designed in line with your work, using real life examples in your field of expertise
  • We have over 45 years-experience in training professionals, in both tailor-made and established courses.
  • We use combined theories from industry professionals and utilize a ‘learn by doing’ approach
  • At the end of the training programme, you will receive a thorough evaluation report with recommendations which will further help your organization
  • We utilise industry-leading technologies and methodologies to ensure that you can create strong, compelling narratives.

Our courses are delivered in English. However, they can be adapted into Dutch, French, Spanish, or Arabic on request.


How to Get a Tailor-Made Course

If you are interested in a course tailor-made to your needs please contact us with the form below. We will help identify your needs and put you in contact with one of our senior trainers to finalise the details of your programme and send you a quote.


Who Have we Helped?

We have had the privilege of helping some of the world’s leading minds and organisations in a variety of fields, including: 

  • Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development
  • BBC Media Action
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors/International Broadcasting Bureau/Voice of America
  • National Television Company of Ukraine
  • Radio Nepal
  • RTB Brunei
  • Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation
  • Uganda Radio Network
  • Fairtrade International
  • Free Press Unlimited
  • Free Voice South Sudan
  • Hague Academy of Local Governance
  • International Criminal Court
  • Iraqi Al-Amal Association
  • Jimma University
  • Lebanon Development Union
  • Rutgers WPF
  • SAPPRFT Research Training Institute
  • Search for Common Ground
  • Spark
  • Youth NOW!
  • University of Colombo