Ask the expert
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In these series we talk with experts in the communication and journalism field about everything there is to know when it comes to modern journalism.

Ask The Expert - Episode 6

Propaganda, fake news, radicalism, ISIS! Charlie Winter, Senior research fellow at the International Center for the Study of Radicalisation, Charles Kriel, Special Advisor to the House of Commons Select Committee and our PMCR Course Leader, Brandon Oelofse explain!

Ask The Expert - Episode 5

Campaigning, measurability, target audiences and impact explained by experts Janet Anderson, former BBC correspondent, Ingrid van der Berg, Campaigns Consultant from Bureau Tij, and Vida Gabe Communications Consultant.

Ask the expert - Episode 4

Jonathan Stoneman, the R expert, talks about taming DATA for journalistic purposes.

Ask The Expert - Episode 3

Robert Chesal, Author, University lecturer and Dutch Journalist of the Year 2010, talks about his joint investigation with Joep Dohmen which broke the Catholic church child abuse scandal in the Netherlands.

Ask the expert - Episode 2

Christiaan Triebert, award-winning journalist and a member of Bellingcat, talks about the downing of Malaysian flight, MH17, from a journalist perspective.

Ask the expert - Episode 1

Natascha Jacobsz talks to Winny de Jong from the Dutch broadcaster, NOS, Luuk Sengers, Investigative Data Journalist, and former RNTC course participant, Anass Bendrif, about the essence of Data Journalism.