Storytelling to Inspire Social change

This course will give you the skills and techniques needed to create strong narratives, and to move you from good to great storytelling.

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RNTC believes that storytelling is the best way to help an audience retain information being presented. Effective storytelling involves a deep understanding of human emotions, motivations, and psychology in order to truly move an audience.

Course overview:

In this course you will learn:

  • How to identify and map your target audience
  • Key techniques you can use to persuade your audience
  • The eight essential elements of storytelling
  • Creative media formats you can use to engage your audience

Course outcomes:

By the end of the course you should be able to:

✔ Map audience beliefs and emotional pay-offs
✔ Produce persuasive stories that have measurable impact
✔ Produce persuasive stories in various media formats

Course modules

Know your target audience module:

▪ Where do ideas come from?
▪ How to zero in on an audience
▪ Mapping your target audience
▪ Influencers, agreed realities, and emotional pay-offs
▪ Using mapping to discover target audiences
▪ Using social media for insights
▪ Developing target audience statements
▪ Pitching target audiences

Persuade your target audience module:

▪ What is learning and why this is important to understanding audiences?
▪ How do people learn? Information, skills, and behaviours
▪ The ingredients of persuasive aims
▪ Why you need different credible sources
▪ Why you should craft emotional appeals
▪ The benefits of formulating a logical approach
▪ Investigating examples – persuading target audiences
▪ Applying persuasion to your own context

Storytelling for media professionals module:

▪ Narrative journalism versus information journalism
▪ The eight essential elements of story
▪ Symbols and universal truths
▪ Studying real examples illustrating the eight essential elements of story
▪ Story detective sessions: develop your own story
▪ The micro story: story in a tweet

Creative formats to engage audiences module:

▪ How do we tell stories using media?
▪ Ten engaging formats and what makes them unique
▪ Which formats are good for conveying information versus conveying emotions?
▪ Types of formats and the ideas box
▪ Combining Ideas creatively
▪ Investigating formats: interviewing
▪ Investigating formats: the discussion

▪ Practice: engaging audiences with the discussion format

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