Media Campaigns for Social Change

By providing insights into impactful messaging, audience targeting, and strategic planning, the course encourages individuals and organisations to leverage media platforms for meaningful social change.

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€ 3.500,00
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This is a course designed to build the media campaign strategy. During the learning experience, we go over the basics of creating a campaign and build the strategy day by day.


  1. Campaign vision & scope
  2. Context analysis & risk 
  3. Target audiences & persuasive aims
  4. Content creation & management
  5. SMART goals
  6. Mobilisation
  7. Key partners
  8. Branding of campaign
  9. Monitoring & evaluating a campaign
  10. Reporting impact

Who can join this course?

Media-makers, NGOs and CSOs, journalists, and any organisations or individuals that want to produce engaging and persuasive media campaigns!

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