Counter Disinformation with Digital Media

This course offers support to civil society actors facing online intimidation by providing effective tools and strategies to counter disinformation and targeted campaigns.

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About this course

We are in the midst of an information crisis. Facts, our most trusted tool, are now often not powerful enough to persuade. So, when facts and fact-checking alone is not enough, what else can be done to turn the tide? As targets of state-sponsored or hate-group online trolling, civil society actors face intimidation and lack the proper tools, knowledge, or support mechanisms that can help them fight back. Given the growth of disinformation, targeted campaigns, and smear tactics used online, it is becoming crucial for CSOs to learn the tools in countering disinformation.  

We have provided countering disinformation training for the last 5 years and have developed practical toolkits for journalists and those working in the digital information space. Our trainings have been applied and used in 22 countries fighting a range of disinformation issues from LGBTQI+ exclusion, anti-abortion campaigns, and Covid-19 disinformation. 

This course equips you with the practical tools to combat disinformation, build counter-narratives, utilize fact-checking tools, and increase outreach in local media. Combining innovative techniques on media literacy, alternate messaging, and campaigning, we showcase what can be done to fight back.  

Learning goals

Our approach enables you to:  

  • Unpack the causes and drivers of mis-, dis- and mal-information 

  • Create effective strategies that address the root of hate messaging linked to SRHR content 

  • Explore techniques on how to design emotional counter-narratives using effective examples 

  • Use influencer networks and amplification to spread positive alternate messaging 

Tools and practicalities

What is the course like?  


  • We facilitate an interactive 5-day course (4hrs/day), accompanied by an e-learning component 


What tools are available?  

  • E-learning component on our Online Learning Academy with learning content, case studies & practical templates 


What languages can this course be provided in?  

English and French 

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