50 years of experience and 6,000+ graduates

In short

  • At RNTC theory and practice go hand in hand.
  • All courses include several interactive sessions in small groups and workshops to ensure that students learn by doing.
  • Our unique approach puts stories at the heart of all media and communication, including online and broadcast journalism and all programme-making.
  • Our courses will show you how to connect the power of storytelling to all media, in hundreds of different formats, and for any audience or aim.

We believe that media professionals need to master five areas

1- You need to identify target audiences better than you ever did:
Segment and identify audiences with new tools, and understand better what motivates individuals and groups to behave in any particular way. Apply unique tools to map your target audiences.

2- You need to know how humans learn and how to persuade:
Put a proven recipe into practice to persuade any target audience, on any platform, and to produce a measurable aim for each micro-target audience.

3- You need to master creative media formats to engage your audiences:
You need the tools to tell stories more effectively. Learn to mix dozens of media formats to continually innovate and come up with new and exciting content.  

4- You need storytelling:
Conveying information is not enough in the social media era. You need to tell engaging stories, independently from your medium and your aim. You need eight essential elements in your stories.

5- You need creativity:
Break your fixed patterns and innovate continually, using the four elements listed above.

Timeless expertise

Our courses stand the test of time. We give you the timeless expertise of how to make an impact on any audience, in any medium.