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We support global changemakers to embrace digital transformation opportunities and mitigaterespective challenges, and ultimately accelerate their digital impact on young people. By collecting and analysing data on young people’s needs, concerns, and aspirations, we develop insights on key topics impacting young people. We ensure that young people’s voices are amplified in spaces where policymakers are present. We provide training, coaching, and other learning solutions to global changemakers (including media and impact organisations) to contribute to a more inclusive, healthy, and safe digital information ecosystem.​

Together with changemakers, we co-create solutions addressing the needs of young people. This includes civil society organisations, journalists, media makers, human rights activists, academia, digital networks, and others.
Our added value is young people centred digital and learning solutions for social change. We partner with those who are experts on thematic areas covered in the SDGs.

Over time we have built a strong network of changemakers in diverse regions ranging from North Africa, the Middle East, West and East Africa, East Asia to Central and South America while new projects take us to new regions and countries. The RNW Media Network is a network of changemakers who build and grow digital spaces for young people around a range of human rights issues.

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