Content and Community Moderation

This course will teach you about moderating digital communities and creating standards for safe online spaces. 

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Online abuse and harassment can discourage people from discussing important issues or expressing themselves. This leads to polarisation or marginalisation and means they give up on seeking different opinions. Therefore, discussions across social platforms are moderated with the aim of ensuring they remain a safe place for discussion and debate.  

About this course

Moderation is a tool to build a vibrant, respectful and inclusive digital community. It is an important tool to communicate with users and it allows marginalised groups into the conversations. This 5-day course enables you to understand the building of a digital community, how to create community standards, the role of the moderator and when to act. 

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Course outline

This 5-day course spread out over 10 days enables you to understand the building of a digital community, how to create community standards, the role of the moderator and when to act. 

You will work with experienced digital experts and community moderators who will take you through key components such as:

▶ Designing community standards for safe online spaces
▶ Moderators roles
▶ Selecting and Applying Moderation techniques
▶ Measuring moderation
▶ Optimising for moderation

Why this course and what it is all about

▪ Trainees and Course Introduction
▪ Communities and Moderation Introduction
▪ What are inclusive communities for RNW Media?

▪ What are guidelines for Inclusive online communities?
▪ What are guidelines for moderation?
▪ What Is the role of a moderator?

How to create inclusive online community engagement

▪ How to select effective moderation techniques
▪ How to apply SMART targeting
▪ How to apply offline engagement
▪ How to utilize digital optimization
▪ Search Engine Marketing Strategies (SEM)
▪ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
▪ Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

How to measure Impact and effectiveness of moderation

▪ How to measure Impact of moderation
▪ How to measure effectiveness of moderation

Building Resilience

▪ Good moderation practice
▪ Selfcare Toolkit (online self-study)

What's been learned and what's next?

▪ What's been learned?
▪ What are the lessons learned to take home?
▪ Now what? Next action steps
▪ Selfcare goals moving forward

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After you have completed all the course sessions and assignments, you will receive an RNTC certificate and join the ranks of more than 6000 successful RNTC alumni worldwide.

Course outcomes

✔ Understand how to create and sustain inclusive online communities by creating community guidelines

✔ Apply online (community) moderation strategies to reach your objectives

✔ Understand how to measure moderation for its effectiveness

✔ Categorize the quality of the comments to an article, question, or other comment in a discussion

✔ Understand how and when (other) online and offline activities can support engagement

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