Courses currently not scheduled

Courses currently not scheduled

You probably reached this page because you were looking for a course which is currently not scheduled.

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That courses aren't scheduled at this moment doesn't mean that we do not give them.
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Courses currently not scheduled

The courses momentarily not scheduled are:

  • Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism

How can you produce content that has real, measurable impact? RNTC’s flagship course provides reporters with the tools to become top narrative journalists. Break free from the 5 W’s and harness the power of ‘what happened next?’

  • Broadcast Management

This course gives senior media managers the tools to get the best out of their media organisation. The rich 2-week programme of theory, best practices, shared experience, working visits, and management assignments helps you adapt quickly in a fast-moving media world.

  • Using Media for Behaviour Change

This course will increase the impact of your work in developing campaigns and strategies for changing specific behaviour by understanding its drivers. It will help you target specific groups and develop more original and effective content to raise awareness and encourage behavioural change.

  • Video Journalism

Video journalism is more about story than operating a camera. This course breaks the journalist’s habit of delivering too much dry information, enabling you to use many formats to tell powerful stories, all filmed and edited by yourself.


Courses which RNTC does not offer anymore

We offered these courses in the past:

  • Educational Programme Making
  • Facts and Formats
  • Factual Programme Making
  • Financial Management
  • Inside International Justice
  • Internet for Journalists
  • Magazines for Women
  • Mastering Social Media
  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Online Journalism
  • Radio Journalism
  • Radio and TV Journalism
  • Soaps and Society
  • The Art of Reporting

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