Add-on Course: RNTC's Training of Trainers

Add-on Course: RNTC's Training of Trainers

Train your colleagues with the knowledge you have gained in one of the RNTC courses!

The Training of Trainers takes a look at the ingredients of successful training, so that you learn to apply proven methods to new situations. As a result, you will know how to design powerful learning events that provide your audience with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed.
In this course, we explore the combination of the theories and practices needed to make real, measurable impacts in the field and in the workshop by trainers. You will be given the tools to transform dull lecture-type trainings into dynamic sessions that are long remembered.

By the end of the course, you will be able to provide engaging training events on any subject.
After the course, you will understand the theories of learning and how to create dynamic learning events that cater to various types of learning and learners.
Once you have graduated, you will understand how to design trainings with impact.

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Please note there are no scholarships available for this add-on course.

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